Visit to the exhibition AQUAE – Erasmus+ Save Water

Our students and teachers visited the AQUAE exhibition, the future is in the ocean - Naples City of Science

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The sea and its seabed constitute a field of investigation and study of great scientific relevance not only for the present, but above all for the future, in which the role of the oceans will become increasingly decisive for the conditions of growth and development of the the whole of humanity.

The exhibition, organized by the CNR, aims to describe the main characteristics of the marine environment, with particular attention to the use and conservation of its resources for sustainable development. It uses experiments, scientific equipment, scale models, video installations and evocative images, to accompany the public on a journey to discover the oceans.

The exhibition was very interesting because it presented various themes: geographical, physical, chemical and biological aspects, the link between the sea and the planet’s climate, the relationship between man and the sea.

Together with our guide we reflected to understand how the future and the protection of the oceans also depend on us, on our behaviour, on the choices that our governments and industries decide to make.

The visit to the City of Science was also an opportunity to see historic Naples and its artistic and landscape beauties together with the students.

Prof. Zina Vitarella



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