SOS meeting in Lituania - A6/22 APRIL 2023: a new interesting experience for our students that are looking forward to meet the dolphins!

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An other interesting meeting took place in Klaipeda (Lituania) to think about saving our planet, green practices at school and at home and echological issues.

All the students took part to the workshops „How can the world go green?“ „How can the cities go green?” and “Dear planet…”;  the Lithuanian students present their videos on the topic of the project and parteciped to interesting debates on environmental issues.

There where interesting trips to Palanga (Amber Museum), and an excursion to the Curonian Spit  which the students enjoyed very mud: they had a conversation about environmental problems with representatives of the dolphinarium,  saw an amazing dolphin show and the aquarium and museums’ exhibition.

The teachers had tho possibility of an interesting job shadowing watching lessons of theyr Lithuanian colleagues.

Everybody enjoied very much the experience and hope to take part to new Erasmus+ projects!

See you soon!

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