Mobility in Bari – Erasmus+ Young Europeans

The first mobility of the Erasmus+ Young Europeans project - The crew - took place at Majorana during the week 20/11/2023 - 24/11/2023

The “Young Europeans – The Crew” project started from Majorana: students and teachers from Romania, Portugal, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland met in Bari in November 2023.

The welcome ceremony at school was an opportunity to introduce the participating schools, their towns and countries and to make friends during ice breaking activities. The visit to the old city guided by an archaeologist  revealed to the participants the secrets and beauties of Bari. There were also strategic stops in the street of the orecchiette and in the street food places. The Majorana students guided their new friends through the streets of Bari’s nightlife.

IProf. Matteo Renzulli organized interesting and fun workshops  at school: MINIMIZE OR SUPERSIZE (to compare the nutritional values ​​of meals from each participating country) and GOING BANANAS (cooking and ICT laboratory).

All the participants took part in a kitchen workshop to learn the Bari culture of reusing food waste to create original and tasty street food.

The mobility was a great opportunity to meet students and teachers of a Cooking school from Canarie Islands who were in Bari at Majorana for a job shadowing Erasmus VET experience.

There was no shortage of visits to suggestive and unique places: Matera with its eco-sustainable environment, Gravina with the secrets of the ravines, Polignano and its extraordinary sea and the ancient village. The final party was an opportunity to dance the pizzica together, to say goodbye and promise to see each other again soon… in Turkey!