The school Principal, the vice Principal prof. Vincenzo Neve and 5 students participated to the Erasmus Save Our Sphere meeting in Türkiye - 20/26 NOVEMBER 2022

The mobility in Mersin was particularly fruitful for our School: the hosting school is a Hotellerie therefore the environmental issue was combined with the exchange of good practices in the professional field.

In Bari there have already been a fruitful exchange on analogies and differences of our Mediterranean culinary cultures, this mobility was another opportunity to develope our competences: the participants carried out job shadowing in the school kitchens and visited a local pasta factory.

The pupils were engaged also  in workshops to recycle various materials and created new objects which were  showed to all the participants. They also visited the Archaeological Museum of Mersin and Viransheir and Silifke. There they discovered the site of Soli/Pompeiopolis and that (UNESCO) of Kizkalesi where they saw the suggestive “Girl’s Tower”, built on an islet and so called due to a legend according to  a father hid his daughter to prevent her from being bitten and killed by a snake. They also visited the ruins of an ancient Christian church in Corycos and the Heaven caves in Hell.

It was a great experience and we can’t wait to meet our friends soon!

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