Discovering the Incredible Virus Of Creativity vs COVID, Bari 24-28/10/2022

The Erasmus+K2 Project entitled DIVOC vs COVID focused on the "pilgrimage" as a rediscovery of relationships

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Every journey, real or metaphorical, which involves memory, spiritual research, the momentary abandonment of home comforts to take on hardships or risks, can be defined as a “pilgrimage” … and ours, which made us walk a part of Europe along the Camino de Santiago and the Via de la Plata in 2 years, has reached the coveted destination from which it had come to life: Bari!

The Erasmus+K2 Project entitled DIVOC vs COVID focused on the “pilgrimage” as a rediscovery of relationships, collaboration and mutual aid, set aside during the Covid period due to forced distancing and as a rediscovery of the historical-architectural heritage present along the routes, it ended.

The representatives of 3 countries, Italy with the two schools, I.I.S.S. “ETTORE MAJORANA” coordinator of the project and “Falcone e Borsellino”, organizer of the last mobility, Spain and Portugal met for the last stage of the project in Bari, with great participation of pupils, teachers and families.

The program of this last mobility was dense and saw all the participants involved in activities such as the welcome meeting in the council chamber of the City Hall, the climb to Monte Sant’Angelo to reach its sanctuary, an important stage along the via Francigena, the sharing of good practices through workshops and seminars but also the discovery of local dances and the tasting of typical foods.

Almost two years after the kick off of the project, after sharing knowledge and efforts, after enriching themselves with new knowledge and experiences, after discovering the stories of others and re-evaluating their own, the moment of farewell was painful both for the students and for the teachers who between tears and smiles greeted each other wishing, in the manner of the pilgrims of Santiago: Buen Camino.

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